Tom Hill




I have been a coach at Body Complete since 2015. I haven’t always lived a healthy lifestyle. In my previous life I was overweight, unfit and unhealthy. I lived off takeaways and drank too much. Something clicked one day. I looked at myself in the mirror as a flabby 24 year old and thought “What have you done to yourself?!?” There began a long journey to where I am now however I had no one to guide me or help when I was feeling lost or disheartened. I used to workout secretly at first and was mortified if anyone found me!

I wish old Tom had had Body Complete back then! Now I want to help others realise their dreams of a healthier, fitter life. The atmosphere here at Body Complete is one of complete support. You’ll not only be pushed by us the coaches but your fellow clients will also push beyond where you thought you could go.

We aren’t your usual gym either. No intimidating weights areas. No soulless rooms full of cardio equipment. Our main tool is the Kettlebell. Don’t know what that is? You will soon!

Out of work I enjoy sailing and watching rugby here in Scarborough with my family. I have two children, Molly and Toby. My wife Kate is a teacher.