Do you need to invest in your health?

How much time have you spent trying to improve your health and fitness over the years, only for the nutrition plan and the home workout equipment to go in the cupboard or the gym membership to continue unused?

Have you ever calculated how much money has gone to waste to date? At Body Complete we work on getting a return on your investment. You are paying for long lasting results and we’ll make sure we deliver on this promise. There won’t be anything you can’t achieve with a bit of dedication and commitment from both of us.

Great Trainers are great listeners, observers and motivators who put their clients results first and foremost. Great trainers recognise and adapt to the needs of the client and are flexible and creative enough to deal with any goal, barrier, aspiration or dream. We have delivered hours of personal training and we know how to get results from everybody.

By training with us you will have:


Exercise stimulates your body, helping you not only look fitter on the outside but have more energy naturally on the inside.


Professional PT will vastly improve your quality of life because the fitter you are, the more of life’s joy you can experience.


The side effects of ageing can leave you feeling unhappy with the way you look. Our tailored plan will see you lose body fat, build strong muscles and give you the confidence to wear your favourite clothes again.

Don’t be apprehensive about getting in touch. We are an established personal training company with over 25 years of experience of getting people into the best shape possible. Whatever your fitness level or goal, we can help.


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    Stories of the impossible – Real Members, Real Change


    • The flexibility of 9 semi-private sessions a month or go unlimited for 56 sessions a month.
    • 14 Semi-Private Training sessions each week.
    • Mobile App for easy and flexible booking of sessions.
    • Initial health and fitness assessment MOT.
    • Personal Diet & Nutrition & Lifestyle Program.
    • Online Members only page for support with coaches and other clients .
    • Monthly accountability session one-to-one to move you closer to your fitness and health goals.
    • Unlimited access to 9 Small Group Classes per week.
    £120/month for 9 sessions a month.
    £140/month for unlimited access to all 56 sessions a month.
    • These sessions are the pinnacle for personal development.
    • 1 on 1 with one of our fantastic coaches.
    • Specific programs designed around you and your individual needs.
    • Complete support with every aspect of your fitness journey from lifestyle enhancement to injury rehabilitation.
    • Full unlimited access to Semi Private and Small Group training sessions.
    • Mobile App for easy and flexible booking of sessions.
    • Fully personalised nutrition plan.
    £45 per hour.
    £180/month for 4 sessions a month.
    £350/month for 9 sessions a month.

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