Alan Prole (21 Day Winner)

The results of the 21 Day Transformation programme have surpassed all my hopes and expectations.

Before starting I was the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’d not done much exercise for months. I doubted if I had the willpower to stick to it and maybe I was just getting to old to bother with the gym.

The pre-programme meeting was encouraging as it showed the group to be a mix of all types: young, much older, athletes and developing couch potatoes like myself.

The programme is about changing what we eat and drink and not really about eating less. I actually enjoyed the meals and towards the end focused in on repeating the ones I liked and found easiest to prepare.

The gym sessions were hard and actually enjoyable. Chris’s enthusiasm is infectious, and he somehow manages to get me to try something faster, longer or heavier each session but never pushing it too far.

The programme went by really quickly and I am staggered that I lost 8.6 kilos and 39 cms from around my body in just 21 days.

Now it’s over I’ve had a few beers/wine but actually I’m sticking with most of the recipes and food choices and will use the two months of membership to get much fitter and enjoy activities and the odd challenge that I thought were getting beyond me.

I’m doing a Coast to Coast mountain bike ride with my family and I’m pretty sure my wife has entered us into a 10k run in a couple of months.

A big thanks to Chris, Zoe and everyone who made doing this so much fun and for me to want to travel 45 minutes to the gym several times a week.

Alan, as our winner of the 21 Day transformation programme, has won 2 month’s free semi-private training worth £140pm.

Alan said, “I’m absolutely delighted to have done so well. I now have the opportunity to improve my fitness and maintain a food programme that suits my body and will help me achieve my new goals. Thank you for letting Joseph attend, it is having a big and positive impact on him both physically and mentally, (I’ll just try and keep up for a while longer)”.




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