Dave Shaw

Over 5 years ago I had a bad cycling accident which unfortunately resulted in my right shoulder being dislocated and broken and my left shoulder with a dislocation also. The injuries sustained to my right shoulder have been extremely debilitating and frustrating for myself, resulting in very limited mobility and lack of strength in the shoulder.

I tried a few things, in the hope of improvement movement and function, including physiotherapy and acupuncture to help try and improve circulations to the joint and improve muscle stability. After several sessions of each, I saw no real improvement and extremely limited lateral and vertical movement.

A friend of mine suggested I speak to Chris at Body Complete, for an initial assessment and a plan of action to help regain movement quality in my shoulder.

I initially attended the Functional Movement Programme at Body Complete, to help gain mobility and strength in my shoulder.  I have not looked back.

Chris Stringer is excellent with his knowledge, perseverance and support. Movement has returned to my shoulder, and the pain is less, I know my injuries will not completely enable me to gain full movement but have turned a massive corner with my shoulder mobility and strength. I am now engaging in different classes which involve press ups, over head presses, movements which I could never imagine doing before.

There have been times where I became despondent, but Chris pushed me with my shoulder mobility and strength and helped me become more determined to continue and work hard through the programme.

Several years on now, and I am still continuing with different classes at Body Complete. I was advised to have my right shoulder joint replaced 3 years ago, something which I refused at the time and I am so pleased I did, as the rehabilitation from Jon and Chris has helped me gain movement back in my shoulder and enabled me to continue without a new shoulder joint. I never thought I would be able to continue to swim, but I can and even do front crawl.

Body Complete is nothing like a normal gym, it’s a fantastic place to be, with extremely knowledgeable staff who go the extra mile to help you with nutrition, exercise and tailored regimes. Everybody spurs each other on and it just is a great place  to be socially too.

I would recommend anyone to come to Body Complete, come and give it a try, the staff and clients are a great bunch.

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