Denise Skelton

I’ve always been into exercise and stuff, have tried to keep active and fit but mostly done it on my own at home. I exercised from videos and went walking but if my routine got interrupted by anything it took me ages to get back into it.

I’d always liked the idea of having a PT. I knew I really couldn’t afford one, but thought if I could just get one for 6 months or so it would put me on the right track, make sure I was doing stuff right, guide me in all the right ways and that’s all I would need.

On my walk to work one day about 4 years ago I passed this van parked on the street with Body Complete written on it, after passing it a few times I eventually took down the details then proceeded to look it up on the internet, as you do. Was still not 100%, the cost and the fact that I was quite anxious about whether I would fit in were on my mind but by this time I was beginning to feel fat and my clothes were getting quite tight so I plucked up the courage to email this Body Complete company and made an appointment to have a consultation.  I was so nervous that first visit, above Boddy’s Cafe but I forced myself in there and met this guy called Chris.  He made me feel at ease straight away and we talked about this and that and I left that evening with an appointment to go back so he could see what level of fitness I was at.  My words to him at that point were that I would sign up for 6 months, just to get me on track.  Well, 2 1/2 years down the line I am still there, I have never been this consistent before and apart from being on holiday I haven’t missed any sessions. Think I deserve a gold star for good attendance, lol!! It is just a great place to go and have fun whilst exercising. There is never a dull moment and Chris is just barmy, he never stops talking, he’s full of cheek and no matter what mood he is in he’s always the same in the class – FULL ON. He knows his stuff and explains things in layman’s terms and you never feel embarrassed if you get it wrong. I have lost inches, weight and toned up to the point that my confidence is far better than it used to be, and I feel so much better in myself.  He gives you the motivation to go that bit extra and do things you never thought possible, like dead lift a 32kg kettlebell.  That 6 months has turned into a lot longer but as long as I’m able I will keep going – at least till I get my 6 pack, ha ha!!

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