Henry Tucker

BodyComplete came highly recommended by my physiotherapist. I had been struggling with some niggles and wanted to start taking my fitness seriously, so I approached Chris for training.

I was immediately impressed with Chris’ enthusiasm and knowledge. He was fully on board with what I was wanting to achieve so we got to it. As with any new venture there were bound to be speed bumps however where I would’ve most likely lost motivation alone, the environment at BC and the adaptability of Chris’ training allowed me to maintain momentum and keep consistency.

BodyComplete have been very accommodating, especially during Covid-19. Zoom sessions were pivotal in keeping me active when the gym was closed.

Over this last year I have seen significant fitness and strength gains. Along with improved self confidence. I feel I have got a much greater understanding of overall wellbeing and fitness as well as specific training methods that will no doubt be invaluable for me going forward. BodyComplete would without a doubt be my first recommendation for anyone who wants to get fit and takes their health seriously.

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