Jackie Teasdale

I joined Body Complete just as a 21 day challenge was about to start so the timing was perfect for me (even though I didn’t really have a proper idea of what I was signing up for!).

I’ve slowly put stones on over the last decade and another half stone this Christmas and couldn’t find the willpower and motivation to do much about it.

At first it was all a bit daunting but the eating plan is genius, Zoe is lovely, supportive and helpful, and Chris is so motivating, knowledgeable and professional that I actually started to (quite!) enjoy it all! During classes Chris constantly watches and corrects which was great as a lot of the techniques were new for me.

Well, at the end of the challenge, I was actually joint winner with Dawn and had lost 1st 2lbs. I’m thrilled!

On joining Body Complete my plan was to do the challenge and then consider whether or not to continue, but after being so inspired, I definitely am!

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