I had a bike accident on a track day where I high sided my motorbike and went over the front. I landed on my shoulder and broke my clavicle. After having physio on it there was still a reduction in movement and the muscle groups around it had tightened.

I needed to get the joint back into working order. The physio had helped with some mobility in the shoulder, but I still didn’t have full range of movement. After looking at various local physios and gyms, Body Complete was the only place that had an understanding of what I needed and a plan of how to get my shoulder moving properly again.  We started slowly with a focus on the muscles around that joint and then broadened the training programme.

I took the plunge with personal training because I could see we would follow a detailed programme to help with what I needed. At Body Complete, there is a nice, relaxed atmosphere where I feel comfortable training. There is also a willingness to push me the extra bit and keep me motivated without feeling pressured into doing exercises I am not comfortable with.

I started out with a shoulder injury and mobility problems which we have sorted over time to a 98% range and are still working on to maintain and improve. Since then, we have looked to improve my general fitness and I am training in a way that is working for me. I have dropped body weight and my overall wellbeing is better, coupled with my strength and endurance increasing weekly. I feel better in myself, both body and mind. My movement is 100% better and I don’t feel so lethargic. I know my training routines are set on a personal level, designed around my needs and personal targets. It’s different to the set workouts that just take you through the motions, which you would get elsewhere.

If I was to describe Body Complete to my friends, I would say it is a warm place with great people that will help you to achieve your goals without feeling pushed. They have worked out with me what my goals are and how best to achieve them. What I have enjoyed the most are the people and the relaxed atmosphere. I still put 100% into each workout but the way they are structured means it is never a hardship and I always walk out the door with a smile. I know my trainer has got the best out of me, without breaking me. Sometimes that feeling comes a few days later!! Thanks Jon…

My fitness journey is important to me because it’s my way of relaxing and I know I am doing my best to stay fit and healthy. I can shut off from the demands of my working week and just find something for myself. At 45 and with a 3 year old son I know it will help me to keep healthy and fit and allow me to keep up with him as he is already running rings around me!

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