Lisa Bourne

I joined Body Complete in September 2018 on the BC4X programme. I’ve been running for four years – usually three or four times a week, but not really doing anything else in the way of fitness and exercise. I wanted to do something that would complement the running; I have no upper body strength and my core needed work!

I ate healthy meals and cut out the snacking which has always been my downfall. I switched to healthier carbs, ditched white bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and found I lost weight and body fat along the way.

I’ve now been coming to Body Complete for six weeks, and I have noticed a huge difference in my running- knocking a couple of minutes off my half marathon and ten mile race times. I feel generally stronger, leaner and healthier and this has shown in my running performance.

I enjoy all the classes and try to get to as many as I can. Chris and Jon really know their stuff and will help and encourage you throughout. Everyone has been really friendly to me since I started: I love it.

I would really recommend you try it out. I’ve nothing but praise for Body Complete. Thanks ?


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