My Husband said he wanted to join a gym and I said ‘why, we have joined gyms before and been those people that pay and do not go?’ He said this is a different gym. So he went for a meeting with Chris and joined. A month after that our daughter joined also.

A month later after listening to what Pete had been doing with Chris I decided to have a chat with Chris and then joined.

I had an achilles problem for months prior to joining the gym. After a few sessions with Chris he said he thought it was down to certain muscles over working and others not working properly. So for a very long time we did regular sessions on those muscles trying to get them stimulated.

Chris was very patient, understanding and very good at keeping me positive when I got fed up when things were not progressing as fast as I liked. His knowledge of the body and how things should work is excellent.

A year later all 3 of us are still there and we cannot see a life now without going to the gym and  I never thought I would be one of those people. The classes are great and varied and the people are all so lovely it is like a big family.

I cannot thank Chris enough for all he has done for all of us but a special thanks for what he has done for me. We would recommend the gym to anyone.

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