Nicky Ridley

I signed up just over 4 weeks ago as I was feeling , fat, sluggish and demotivated. I walked through the green door of BCHQ with trepidation , and was greeted by the gym owner, Chris Stringer.

 Chris is like a breath of fresh air with his enthusiasm, knowledge and patience. After discussion about my individual goals , my weight and measurements were logged and a review booked in after 4 weeks. I signed up for semi private sessions as I needed a to be in small group where I would learn the exercises properly. These sessions are amazing. They are run by both Chris and Tom Hill. Tom is also brilliant at what he does. All classes are very hard, but fun and motivational at the same time.

Four weeks on, I have lost 6 lbs and a few centimetres of body fat !!! I am ecstatic ! New goals have been set and will be reviewed in another 4 weeks. Bring it on. Thanks to Chris, Tom and Zoe ( Zoe got me booked in initially and dealt with all my questions and anxieties!!!).

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