Rachel Scillitoe

Over the years I’ve trained with Body Complete as its evolved from it’s  starting point as an outdoor bootcamp to a small group inside training business incorporating semi private and private training sessions.

I am now going through some one to one rehabilitation sessions with Chris after breaking my ankle in a cycling accident over 6 months ago. Apart from the break I’m suffering other issues due to compensatory actions my body had resorted to!

At the moment I am unable to do the things I enjoy doing – cycling, running, training and walking.

So after chatting with Chris I’ve started with 2 x 30 minute sessions twice a week so I don’t overload my body. I’m relearning how to use my body again starting with very basic exercises and slowly building it up.

Chris is patient, knowledgeable and meticulous. He misses nothing! If anything is out of alignment he sees it and if there’s something you can’t do he’ll take it back a step until you can.

All this is done in a friendly and professional manner in a fabulously smart, bright and well equipped gym.

I’m  now on the road to recovery and look forward to getting back to full training in the future thanks to Chris and all at Body Complete.

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