Stephanie Ireland (client of the month and BC21day winner)

Stephanie Ireland

I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for 3 years, while feeling lonely, low on energy and unhappy with my health. I realised I was fed up with these emotions and needed to help myself as I no longer wanted to feel unhappy with my fitness levels. I needed to make a long term change for my family and myself.

I was scrolling through FB and saw Chris talking about the positives of the programme he offered. Chris sounded upbeat about the benefits of Stronger for Longer which encompasses small group PTs, nutritional advice and regular accountability sessions to keep me motivated and feel supported.

Chris, Zoe and Jon are amazing and so compassionate with their clients. They are positive and keep you motivated. Their dedication is apparent from the first phone call, to first accountability meeting, to the first training session. Throughout, they show friendship and a non judgemental attitude. Alongside this, the 6 week foundation programme is a great price.

If I were describing this to my friends I would say it is the best thing I have ever done. Stronger for Longer adapt their service to each individual with a positive, friendly attitude. They make the hour long sessions fun every time and can adapt routines to suit different abilities. You can do as many sessions as you like in the first 6 weeks. They are dedicated to getting the very best results and they are there whenever you need them, messaging back promptly.

I really needed help with my nutrition and food planning. They have a great understanding of what I need to eat, to become healthier. They provide structure and routine to my exercise and diet. I have the energy to do more exercise and the confidence to try more complicated training moves. I love working out in a group of people. I have improved my knowledge of how to train and use gym equipment. I’m confident to push myself to the limit and have a passion to achieve my weight loss target.

I’ve tried other gyms in the past and none offer the support that Body Complete does. I can access good advice from Zoe, Jon and Chris as well as enjoy general chit chat. You get well constructed sessions at an affordable price. This experience means that I can lead a healthier, happier life. I am more confident, have energy to play with my kids and my mental health has improved. The changes I have made I can stick with for the rest of my life. I can become stronger for longer.

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