I joined Body Complete just over a year ago, after my husband joined. I wasn’t looking at joining a gym, as I did running/cycling/yoga already. However, after my husband raved on about BC I thought I would give it a go. Well… I haven’t looked back!

Chris and Zoe welcomed me into the gym, and I immediately knew I was going to join. They were so friendly, and Chris’ knowledge was incredible.

I joined the small group personal training sessions as part of the Stronger for Longer programme, which have a maximum of six in a class and always instructor led.

Each session was different, and Chris made it ‘fun but hard’… which is what I wanted. With such a small class Chris could spot if you were doing the exercise correctly or not and explained what you you should be doing and why. I used kettlebells and other weights for the first time, and as I wanted to tone up this is just what I needed.

Covid then came along, but Chris and the team put on live sessions which I did three times a week at home. They again were varied, and hearing Chris still shouting at me made me work hard and kept me motivated!!

I also have to mention Jon Neighbour’s live sessions on a Saturday… which were mental !!!

I have returned to the gym doing Private Training sessions with Body Complete, which I am loving. I wanted to tone up, so I am doing one strength session per week, using all different weights and equipment, and one cardio-based session per week.

Chris pushes me to lift weights I didn’t think were possible. I have lost weight, my fat mass has decreased, and my muscle mass has increased … and I no longer have a jelly belly!!

Chris, Zoe and Jon are all fab. I can’t recommend this gym highly enough.

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