Tina Whitfield

I’d like to take this opportunity to praise Body Complete, especially Chris Stringer.

Just over four years ago my husband died. Traumatic, Yes. We had always enjoyed long walks, hikes with our dog and for our ages were pretty fit. Not possible anymore due to his illness. Three months after my husband died I made the decision to attend the Body Complete Gym on a one to one basis for a few weeks. I needed to do something with myself. I needed to regain my old shape and some fitness bearing in mind that I was closer to 67 years old I did not know if this was possible, but I did not want to sit at home and vegetate. WOW, Chris Stringer certainly didn’t let me do this. He had me huffing and puffing through all sorts of exercises, weights and resistance training. I even did a bit of “boxing” ???. This, twice a week, along with change of diet, and I don’t mean the lettuce leaves type of diet, I quickly regained my shape, fitness and also my confidence. I could start to wear those nice fitting clothes again. I actually “glowed” from within with a feel good factor. The weight dropped off me. Throughout all of this Chris supported me, hard at times, but he would never listen to the excuse “I can’t do that”. Having often suffered with backache, I now walked tall again. Chris I remember so well the day you found me having a crafty cigarette whilst waiting for you in Bar Street. You made me do treble the time on the rowing machine ???

I then went on to join the “small groups” and met same minded people. You made such a difference to my life Chris, giving me that boost when I really needed it.

You don’t have to be in your 20s, or 30s, to get fit. I would recommend Chris and Body Complete to any “more senior” person.

Tina Whitfield

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