Amazing Results Natalie

Natalie is not only 34cm smaller in just 21 days she is 11lbs of fat lighter, showing off 2 kg of toned muscle and finding that actually she really enjoys exercising and eating healthily.

Natalie Mills has come such a long way in such a short time. It can be frustrating when you first start exercising and eating healthily again. Especially when you are a single mum of three kids, working shifts and general life gets in the way all the time.

Well this lady showed up after winning a personal coaching session with me in September having not really exercised for ages. I’m usually a bit conservative with one off sessions as I’ve never met them before and not sure what they have done before and what injuries they have (her health questionnaire highlighted none, but you never know). Well Natalie rocked up with a huge beaming smile on her face and basically said bring it on, I need to lose weight, tone up and get fit. Her main motivation was to build up her own self-esteem after having kids but also she wanted to be fit and healthy for her kids. Both very honest goals which I could tell she really mean’t.

Well after the session, I think I was more knackered than she was! After taking me 5 rounds in boxing, I was pouring with sweat. She was a delight to train, bubbly and so enthusiastic plus really strong. She bounded out of the gym, delighted with herself, and she deserved to feel like that.

After talking with Zoe she decided to take the plunge and have a couple of free Semi-Private sessions with us to see if she could fit it in around kids and work. She loved it and joined us the following week.

All Semi-Private clients receive premium support with us, so we set straight into setting Natalie her goals, short, medium and long. From this we set her smaller more specific goals each month and tailored our support around these.

Setting her some quite hard goals for her first month she set off feeling really positive and ready for the challenge, and boy has she tackled the challenges head-on. She has amazed me, her desire to work hard at each session and get the exercise correct, her thirst to learn about nutrition and she has been so consistent which is a real key to achieving goals.

So after 21 days we went back to her goals, did all her measurements, body composition and she had far exceeded our tough goals set for the month. losing weight from all over her body, but mainly her stomach and hips. her skin looks better, she looks more alive and she loves it!

You deserve your success so far Natalie, you are a pleasure to have at the sessions and long may you chase down those goals you set yourself.

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