And the winner of our 21 Day Transformation programme is ….

A big well done to our clients for all of your effort and commitment this time on the 21 Day transformation programme.

I am pleased to let you know that as a group of 12 they again achieved even better results on our 21 Day Programme so they deserve a massive pat on the back!

Without further ado it is time to announce the joint winners who have lost the biggest combination of cms and kgs! Yes WINNERS…….

And those two clients are JACKIE and DAWN.

Between then they have lost 71cms from around their bodies. Jackie lost 8.9Kgs of weight, of which 7.5 kgs was fat mass. Dawn lost 3.5 kgs of weight of which 7.6kgs was fat mass but she gained a record 3.9kgs of muscle. As a % of body weight they both lost c4-5%.

Jackie attended the Semi Private sessions, around her work commitments, and has much improved her physical fitness. She contributed 110% effort, learning new training techniques and was a delight to have in every session. But most effective of all she stuck to the recipes and menu plan religiously. Massive congratulations to you Jackie: 1 months free semi-private training coming your way.

Dawn attended two half hour personal training sessions a week, which she coupled with swimming to protect her knee. Her results have again been driven by strictly following the 21 Day menu plan, contributing to the fat loss and the exercise led to the muscle increase. She too wins the equivalent of a month’s semi-private training.

As a collective, the group lost a staggering 314cms, 44.8kgs of weight and 54kgs of fat. Almost everyone put on Muscle Mass. Collectively they gained 15.8kgs of muscle. Well done to them – they are extraordinary.

With two winners sharing the top prize there is one other Prize to announce:
• The best contributor to the 21 Day secret group is Lucie. Your personal training prize awaits you!

I would like to encourage my clients to stick to the 10 principles of the 21 day eating plan as this will aid further weight and fat loss.

If you have any further questions please ask. Cheers guys. It has been a pleasure as always.

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