Client of the month March 2022

This award acknowledges an individual’s effort. It usually goes to a client who has shown us that they are completely committed to their own fitness (whatever their level) and who always strives to get the most from the service we provide at Stronger for Longer. We want our clients to not only achieve their fitness goals but to have fun and unwavering enthusiasm for the type of group training we provide. Our chosen client for this month demonstrates all of this in spades.

And the winner of March’s client of the month is ….

Andy Dove, who has been with Body Complete for 2 months. Andy joined us, having never been a gym goer before, to build up his strength and cardio fitness. Andy played football on a Sunday but wanted something else to help him focus on losing weight and toning up. He has found a way to dedicate time (4 sessions a week) to his own fitness and health.

Andy’s focus has been more recently on improving his technique and working on various weaknesses in his body to gain better mobility and strength. In particular, he needed to improve his coordination and balance and enhance his motor skills to perfect the more difficult functional movements. Andy listened and took on board our advice: he has really seen the results he deserves, particularly in improved strength, cardio fitness, better movement and control.

Since joining (measured after 4 weeks) he has lost 2kgs in weight, all of which was fat mass and put on 1.5kgs of muscle. His visceral fat has gone down as has his metabolic age. Water hydration is up.

He tackles everything with a positive general attitude and good humour. I respect his determination to get the most out of his sessions with us (never giving up) – it’s wonderful having his good-natured self in the semi-private sessions. All 3 coaches love training Andy: he makes our job easy and fun.

He has embraced the BC / SFL experience wholeheartedly and we look forward to developing his strength and stamina further to meet his personal goals. Let’s hope he gets quicker on the football pitch too.


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