BC4X Competition

Now if you didn’t know about our launch of BC4X you need your glasses because … it’s out there!

BC4X is a 4 week ‘complete conditioning’ workout that tests your cardio and core fitness levels: it will burn calories and ramp up your metabolism. Combined with our 28 day nutritional plan it will deliver results.

Next week we are having a BC4X warm up. (See the timetable attached). We are throwing it open to the great and good of Scarborough to join our classes FOR FREE.

Come alone or with family, friends or work colleagues – all our welcome to give BC4X a go. All you need to do is email me at admin@bodycomplete.co.uk and simply turn up. The more the merrier.

Where do you get a high end gym in Scarborough offering a week’s worth of classes absolutely free? We want to show you what we can do. You’ve nothing to lose so come and try it first hand.

We start the programme for real on 3rd September. There are 10 free places to be won for the first month. Simply email (Zoe) to register your interest and we will draw 10 winners from the responses. If you’d like to share this post and any others on BC4X between now and September to spread the word that would be fab.

We’d love to hear from you. We respond promptly to quick message from this page too.

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