The BodyComplete Core Strength Challenge

Okay guys here is your core strength challenge! Give it a go everyday for the next seven days. It should take you about 10mins max. Enjoy and lets get those core muscles nice and strong!

Test your abs, arms, glutes and core with the Core Workout! If you’re working up to 15 push-ups in a set, try out modified push-ups to help build you up to the full workout – good luck!


  1. 50 Crunches
  2. 15 Push-Ups
  3. 1:00 of Plank
  4. 0:30 of Side Plank
  5. 0:30 of Side Plank
  6. 1:00 of Bridge
  7. 15 Push-Ups
  8. 1:00 of Plank
  9. 0:30 of Side Plank
  10. 0:30 of Side Plank
  11. 50 Crunches
  12. 1:00 of Raised Plank
  13. 2:00 of Bridge
  14. 50 Crunches


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