Why Choose Small Group Personal Training

Our introduction to Semi-Private Training:

We want to introduce new clients to our innovative coaching style at Body Complete and allow you the opportunity to try our sessions at a reduced price. We know that you will immediately see the benefits of working with us because we know that small group training works for all of our current clients. Their testimonials prove it. To find out more please read on!

What is small group personal training?

This session is an opportunity to gain all the benefits of one to one coaching whilst working in a small group. This makes it more affordable for you as clients, whilst still receiving all the benefits of a tailored approach to your fitness. Clearly if you are 1 of 6 you are going to get more attention than if you are 1 of 15 and you will pay a quarter of the cost of a 1-2-1 session whilst seeing a negligible decrease in the quality of the personalised coaching you will receive.

In addition to this, by being held accountable on a monthly basis to help you achieve your goals, coupled with regular coaching sessions, it will make a dramatic difference to your performance.

How do we deliver our training in the Body Complete Studio?

As a personal trainer what I provide is more than just the coaching sessions, it’s about the overall experience I give to all my clients and how I want to make you feel about yourselves. If you improve your fitness in a safe and fun environment with an experienced coach who actually cares about you, you will reap the benefits of this support instantly. Why? Because you will feel better about yourself immediately. You will also get the support of those clients around you with similar aspirations of self-improvement.


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