Client of the Month February 2019

Read on to see who the winner is of February’s client of the month!!!!

Sarah Crawford has been attending our BCSP programme for 4 months. Her cardiovascular fitness has improved greatly and she is mastering all of the exercises thrown at her through the 9 weeks, making real improvements in her technique and form.

She came runner up in our BC21 Day programme before Christmas, winning a free PT session, for her achievement. As a lean lady it is relatively difficult to shed any excess fat vs muscle mass for her to achieve the desired weight loss goal. This meant she had to follow the nutritional menu plan and embrace all of the healthy eating principles, which she did, and the results reflected her commitment. Despite Christmas getting in the way she has continued to lose weight and build muscle tone.

Recently she increased her sessions to an additional PT a week to tackle her poor core stability and lack of upper body strength. She is flexible but not powerful and now she is seeing improvements through her glutes and shoulders improving her stamina and strength.

Despite her demanding work schedule which takes her away from home, and means she can only attend Semi Private sessions 3 days a week, she makes Body Complete work for her. Sarah fits in what she can when she is at home, maximising her effort in each class she attends.

She is a lovely lady who quietly gets on with the exercise task in hand and is always supportive and respectful of other clients. She is a great addition to the BC Gang and I love working with her because she listens and learns and progresses month on month. She is my perfect client. Thank you Sarah, for your patience and commitment and drive to attain your own personal goals. You look amazing and your fitness is going from strength to strength. Keep up the hard work. February’s Client of the Month 2019.


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