Client of the Month March 2019

Our client of the month for March is James Lord.

This Personal Training Client works so hard, is completely focused on the correct exercise and protein based diet, and has lost 10kgs in just over 2 months. Not only has he lost weight but he has put on muscle mass which is the ideal outcome. We are so impressed with his dedication. Despite working 12 hr night and day shifts, which changes all the time, he sticks with the programme.

He has two PTs a week with Jon and then comes in when he can, to work on his ‘home’ programme which consists of all the exercises he has been taught in the 1-2-1. By working out in between his PTs he has improved more quickly and he is learning how to recruit the right muscles to get the most from the exercise. Because of his commitment and personal accountability, he has therefore made quicker progress, which from a trainer’s perspective is all you could ask for.

This modest man shows us all how to do it right. Keep it up James. You have really impressed us.

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