February Client of the month

Joanna Duggan has been a member at BodyComplete since November 2018. She came to us after moving up from Brummy land to Filey, and searched for the right fitness facility for her. Joanna’s standards are high, she had been part of a similar setup to here in Birmingham,  where they concentrated on techniques and using her muscles correctly rather than just running around like a headless chicken. So she fitted in amazingly, hit the road running, and being able to do all the exercises properly meant she could get straight into pushing herself, and boy does she do that! She is not scared of hard work, her effort in every class is second to none.  She wants to perform exercises correctly whilst pushing her muscles for better results. The one thing that Joanna struggled with was getting on top of losing weight consistently (which is where a lot of us struggle). However,  even though this is a continuous battle for her, she is ever the optimist, and works extremely hard (in the right ways) to manage her weight. Using our 28 Day Balance System, she lost 2.2kg of body fat, plus losing stubborn visceral fat, whilst gaining muscle .

The coaches and I have been so impressed with Joanna’s involvement in BodyComplete.  She organised our quiz night at Wold Top Brewery last year, which was a huge success. She comes to our social nights and thoroughly deserved her award at our presentation in 2019 for ‘Clients’ Client of the Year 2019’.

So February’s client of the month goes to Joanna Duggan for not only consistently high attendance and effort at the sessions, but for her determination against personal adversity and her wonderful laugh and consistent Mickey-taking of me !! (Chris) Joanna you are a pleasure and a lovely person, and we live having you with us.  You really deserve this award, well done.

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