Helen Prole is our November Client of the Month

Despite knowing the Prole family for many years, Helen only joined recently as one of our new Stronger for Longer members. Alan, her husband, has always felt the benefits of attending our BCSP sessions and Helen used to do more biking and other outdoor exercise but that stopped and she needed something to replace it. This Autumn she plucked up the confidence to give it a go, unsure as to whether she could do it and whether it would be for her! She didn’t want to be the ‘numpty at the back’ (her words)! The trial sessions in August allayed her fears. She really enjoyed them and signed up in September.

Now I think I would be right in saying that, if Helen can’t attend one of her sessions then she really misses it. She has made three sessions a week part of her routine and has been wholly consistent from the start. This has meant she has dramatically improved her technique and increased her fitness levels. She is now more than capable of even joining Alan in the BCSP sessions.

She is a wonderful person to have in the group. She possesses all the enthusiasm and commitment to continually improve. Her performance of all the different exercises has dramatically increased. She has certainly got her confidence back. By slowing things down and by addressing her core stability issues at the start, she is coming on leaps and bounds. She is really enjoying her training, which is essential to success.

We love having the Prole back as a Team.

She is a very deserving winner of our client of the month award for November. Well done Helen.

This is what Helen says about Stronger for Longer

What does SFL mean to me:

Life, living, vitality, energy, well-being, positivity, structure, strength, hope, which ripples to the whole family.

From feeling 100 with a bad back and lifelong painkillers, Chris sorted me out in 3 minutes. The sessions have transformed my mindset and health which has impacted on my family.

There is such positivity and care and attention and everyone is welcomed and valued. Our weaknesses are not judged, but given the tools to overcome or adjust. The sessions are just right and everyone is accommodated to their own particular anomalies.

I can now bounce out of bed in the morning pain free and stay awake, I have a positive focus and structure and the whole family benefit.

Its all great – keep it going, thank you.



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