Nutrition and Our Understanding of it

Nutrition – What is it?

This is how sad I am! I recently did a survey in my spare time. This survey followed a dream…are you ready for the ultimate in sad dreams!! I dreamt that no one knew what was meant by the word and term ‘nutrition’. I know I have no life, but it’s true!

It festered for about 4 or 5 days in my subconscious and then I got sick of thinking about it and did ‘The Survey of the Year’ titled ‘So what is Nutrition?’ There were 4 questions: no more, no less! And for your eyes only here they are:

1) What does the word nutrition mean to you?

2) How does nutrition influence your life?

3) What nutrients are important to you and your body?

4) Do you feel you get all the nutrients you need?

Now, I didn’t actually know what to expect from the results. Part of me thought:

“these guys will smash these answers and go into detail about how the body breaks food down and repairs and creates cells and tissue, and show how the body responds to food through nutritional science.” 🙂

But then another part of me thought:

“Nutrition is about eating low fat yogurts and making sure I eat only 1500 calories a day and doing as much exercise as I can to burn fat and then this combination will lead to me losing weight.”

I did get both of these answers, the first came from a nutritional scientist friend of mine in America, and so I expected the scientific answer from her. The second came from a new client I have started to coach. To my surprise most of the answers revolved around the second answer. It worried me slightly because it became clear that we have been conditioned to focus on calories, low fat, counting points, eating certain foods on one day and then others on another day. Our view of what nutrition is has been distorted.

So let’s go back to basics! My friend in America (Janice the nutritional scientist) gives a perfect text book answer, but really all we need to know is that when we eat and drink our body has lots of vital jobs to do with what we put in our mouths. The food creates energy for:

  • keeping our muscles functioning
  • Our heart pumping and recovering quickly after exercise.
  • Protecting us from ill health and disease.
  • Repairing damaged cells
  • Makes us stronger physically and mentally.

These are all crucial to living a healthy life. Therefore, the ‘quality’ of the food we eat is key to living a healthy and happy life. What do I mean by ‘quality’? Quality is how good the nutrients are inside the food we eat. We hear the words ‘nutritionally dense foods’, all this means is that food is packed full of things our body can use and loves to breakdown to make it healthier and fitter. We all know that a plate of vegetables with a nice fillet of fish is better for us than a plate of chips, burger and baked beans. But why is it better? Vegetables and fish are made up a vast array of nutrients. These nutrients are the building blocks for your body. Your body absolutely loves lots of nutrients and lots of different kinds of nutrients. So the more nutrients you eat the better your body will function, it will burn fat quicker, it will let your body recover from exercise quicker and more effectively, it will repair quicker, it will keep your immune system working better and therefore stop you from getting ill as often, it will reduce your risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer. In other words you will be so much healthier and fitter for eating the right nutrients.

Now look back to the four questions and answer them. Hopefully you have a greater understanding of the word or phrase ‘Nutrition’. If you do have any more queries, please do not hesitate in contacting me on 07970170241 or

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