Other Fitness Providers at Body Complete


I’ve been in the fitness industry now for over 20years, which gives me so much satisfaction and pleasure working with people and helping them in the best possible way I can. I believe that movement is a therapy which is where I got my business name from ‘Movement Therapy’. I set up my own business nearly 4years ago and went back to studying to enhance my
qualifications further, which included doing a Diploma in Pilates, Level 3 Personal Training, Exercise Referral and Level 4 Back Pain Specialist Course.
I have taught many different classes over the years including Aerobics/dance, spinning, weights, circuits, swissball to name a few but my greatest passion is Pilates.
I love how this type of class can be adapted and suited for everyone, and the benefits which include improving flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone particularly in the abdominal muscles, back, hips and buttock, and at the same time it helps towards back pain and injury recovery. I work with all types of people, ages(18 – 83yrs) and abilities but my main members are the older generations which have been with me for many years, and certainly inspire me to be as good as they are when i’m older.
My motto in fitness is…never to worry if you are unable to do something because there is always an alternative to anything, just never give up and look in the mirror because that’s your only competition!
I work at a number of different gyms and halls in and around Scarborough mainly teaching pilates, which include classes, small group training and one to one’s.
I started at Body Complete over 2years ago teaching pilates to the stronger for longer
programme, and I enjoy immensely teaching at not only a lovely environment but such a friendly and professional place to be which is so important to me.
I’m also in the process of doing a Yoga course, with the benefits being similar to Pilates but also helping with stress, anxiety, sleeping and helping you to relax which I feel is so important, especially in challenging times like now. And with the combination of the Pilates and yoga will help people even further.