Pam Haigh – July 2018 Client of the Month

This is Pam’s story:

I use to compete for fun in 10k trail and road runs, mountain biking and triathlons, then I tore my cartilage in my knee which stopped me from doing any sport, it was operated on in May 2017 and they found arthritis in my knee. I was told I wouldn’t run again. I tried to get fit again but I just seemed to be injury prone, I couldn’t walk down hill without pain and mentally I was a wreck. After an assessment with Chris Stringer at Body Complete Fitness, he was was sure he could get me running again, so now I’m in my 3rd month of two personal training sessions a week with Chris and I’ve been attending a variety of classes at the Body Complete gym, I’m now mentally and physically stronger, lighter and pain free when I walk down hill (I virtually cried with relief when this first happened). 

Chris is totally different to the usual P.T. Trainer, he can spot an imbalance in your body a mile out and knows exactly what’s needed to correct it, I must admit I’ve been through some pain in my training sessions but it’s been well worth it. Chris’s is full of enthusiasm, motivation and a huge amount of energy, he’s an amazing individual who always wears a big smile.

The gym classes are fun n tough and everyone at the gym are so friendly, it’s like one big happy family. Chris’s partner, Zoe, helps to run the business, and she’s very welcoming and friendly.
I always say that as you move through life you meet a handful of people who are truly gifted at what they do and Chris Stringer is definately one of them, I would highly recommend him to anyone.

And why she is our client of the month:

The choice was easy this month as this lady is a true legend. Pammy Haigh is wonderful to have as a client. She works at 110% each session, she listens, takes advice on board and applies it to her own everyday fitness routine. She smiles as soon as she walks through the doors (there’s a bit of shouting and screaming in the session!!), she is chatty with all other clients. Pam you are simply great.
Three months down the line and she completed the Castle Howard triathlon and has since signed up to other sporting events. She is blossoming with her new found energy and mental toughness. Well done Pam keep up the amazing work ethic you have and keep that wonderful smile.

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