Phil Coles is our Client of the Month: June 2018

Client of the Month: June 2018

My client of the month goes to Phil Coles who has been doing Semi-Private training since March.

Phil always turns up with a positive attitude, ready to put the graft in, which he does every time with maximum effort, never grumbling and always working to the last second of the Body Complete clock.

Phil came wanting to lose weight and to improve his fitness. He has smashed these targets admirably whilst trying to juggle a complicated work pattern and 32kg kettle bells. He has lost a massive 8kgs in weight (5.8kgs of which was during our 21 Day Transformation Programme), and 5% body fat which really shows. His metabolic age has reduced by 15 years in just 4 months to match his actual age. He is a gentleman and a good sport in every session. Not bad on a paddle board either, particularly when hampered by 5 children. This man is going from strength to strength quite literally!

He continues to be motivated and motivate others. We are excited to see what Phil achieves in the next few months.

Well done Phil.

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