Stronger for Longer: Live the life you always wanted through improved health and fitness.

Live the life you always wanted through improved health and fitness.

Our mission at BodyComplete is to have a positive impact on our client’s lives by creating a memorable fitness experience. We focus on improving health before fitness. Only a healthy person can become fit and to become healthy you need an approach that examines all aspects of your lifestyle. I look with increasing detail at the underlying causes of disease and stress, considering the body as a complex holistic system. We advise our clients on how important it is to better their healthy eating habits, make positive lifestyle choices and undertake the appropriate exercise under careful supervision. We have a unique method of coaching our clients to get sustainable results.

The body’s efficiency at performing key movement patterns such as push, pull, twist, lunge, squat and bend are important for meeting many of life’s demands, whether that is playing golf, walking up steps, carrying the shopping or playing with the grandchildren. Deficiencies in any of these movements will increase the chance of injury and lead to undeveloped motor skills and could ultimately lead to chronic pain. At the very least, you may need to make alterations to your lifestyle to accommodate your functional limitations.


Active aging recognizes the importance of active engagement in life in multiple dimensions of wellness such as physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental. Our program is designed to not just improve muscular strength but also improve other abilities such as balance, posture, co-ordination and movement. We aim to better your nutrition and hydration intake, improve sleep patterns and reduce stress. All of which will provide a more functional aging process as opposed to one where you end up unable to live the life you aspired for.

Our goal is to help you live the life you always wanted by showing you how to become healthy and then fit. We use various methods to improve the body’s efficiency of movement using technically advanced exercises, specific to your personal needs or goals. We deliver the best possible solutions to meet those needs, through fun, challenging, appropriate and effective programs which will contribute to you becoming fitter and healthier for longer.

Stronger for Longer, delivers the right solution to meet your personal needs. We will help you manage any age-related aches and pains throughout the body, including joint pain, muscular aches and tightness, lower back or neck pain, arthritic knees or hips. With the right exercises, together we can improve your mobility to allow you to fulfil your potential.

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