I have been interested and active within sport and exercise my whole life, and have been regularly training and learning in a gym-based environment for the past 7 years. After qualifying and working as a Personal Trainer from 2014-2016, I have been to York St John University where I achieved a first class degree in Strength and Conditioning.

I am passionate about coaching, teaching and improving sports performance for people of all levels, where my experience ranges from working with children, young people and adults from beginner to academy level. In order to achieve the best results for those that I work with, I utilise my background in sports science to provide the most effective training based upon the most recent and relevant scientific literature available, and my personal experiences.

My personal interest and training focuses around the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, which formed the basis of my dissertation thesis, alongside having both competed in the sport and acted as Head Coach for the University of York’s Barbell Club. However, I am passionate about improving performance of athletes from all sports and activities, having worked with football players, free runners, track cyclists and gymnasts.

I am excited to be able to put my knowledge and experience to use in improving people’s health, fitness, and sports performance at BodyComplete.