Zoe Hill


A lot of you know me already because I have been a member of Body Complete since the very beginning, which I think was 4 years ago! I thought I was reasonably fit, given I walked my dogs up and down hills every day and then I started attending one outdoor session a week and I realised that my cardio vascular fitness was zero. So I soon upped it to two and then three because I loved it and I got totally hooked on how I felt and how it changed my physical appearance. I think I would now describe myself as an exercise junkie. I go to 3 small group training sessions a week, play tennis, do loads of gardening and still walk the dogs!

My old life, pre Yorkshire, couldn’t have been more different. I had a great career in HR working for British American Tobacco, Arthur Andersen and Hiscox and now here I am delighted to be working for Body Complete with Chris.

  • Favourite holiday destination – I love sailing in Greece but anywhere hot suits me.
  • Top tip for the month – Give a lot of love, drink more water than you think you need and get good sleep! That’s three!  4th tip – Know when to stop talking!
  • Favourite dinner guest – Chris Evans or Chris Stringer (both bonkers!)
  • Favourite Sport – Tennis or is it skiing
  • Favourite Food – Fillet steak or Lobster
  • Favourite Book – I am pilgrim (must read!)