Trish Atkinson is our client of the month (August 2020)

It’s client of the month time as voted by our coaches. This always goes to a member who has excelled through the month and impressed us with their commitment, consistency and desire to improve and get generally fitter and stronger.
This month the accolade goes to Trish Atkinson. Trish has been amazing at dedicating herself to staying fit and well throughout lockdown. She attended at least two zooms a week, plus walked most days and did Chris’ mobility sessions on a wednesday in her own time which shows how totally self motivated she was to maintain her fitness. We were so impressed that when she returned as a member late July we could see massive improvements in her movement, strength and cardio system. She has not been phased by joining the the SPC sessions and as held her own with that gang of members. You are a thoroughly lovely person and an inspiration to us all. I know you will keep it up Trish Atkinson and continue to make further fitness improvements. Well done you!

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