Why men should do specific strength training on their legs

If you want to be strong and functional, strength training exercises for your legs are absolutely crucial.

There are SO many benefits to working your lower body:

  • You build good proportions and don’t look “top-heavy” like your average gym goer.
  • You build your core musculature which is essential for expressing power, reducing injury and fatigue, and developing finesse and balance.
  • You strengthen your posterior chain which is also essential for preventing injury and gaining power and speed.
  • You develop your level of conditioning. Squats and deadlifts are VERY aerobically taxing.
  • You develop your mental strength. Strapping 300lbs to your back and squatting down with it isn’t easy.
  • The squat and deadlift are virtually full body exercises. A proper form squat, for example, will strengthen your entire back, shoulders, and abs along with your legs.
  • Your legs are comprised of HUGE muscle groups. Training your legs will translate to greater UPPER BODY GAINS given the natural testosterone boost you get by training such a significant portion of your body.

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